“By persistently remaining single, a man converts himself into a permanent public temptation.” ~ Oscar Wilde

They are eligible, quite popular on the Kenyan twitter streets but, unmarried. One’s eligibility here is not necessarily on looks but more so, ones’ social, employment (job/ position they hold), as well as important personal values and qualities/ charm and interaction they have on the TL with the ladies.

No pressure though, being single (unmarried) is sometimes the best form of freedom for any man. According to Dr. Florence Wamaitha, a counselling psychologist who spoke to DN a few years ago, it is time for society to embrace men who choose to be bachelors (eligible) as they know why they have chosen the path.

N/B- They have largely remained single (one or two could be dating), but they are all unmarried and well, that makes them eligible.

Fidel Maithya (Actor, voice over artist, and Basketball Commentator)

Joe Muchiri (Social media influencer)

Nesh Maina (Portrait, fashion and documentary photographer)

Brian Kimanzi (Social media influencer)

Meshack Alloys (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sendy)

Brian Abajah (Actor • Creative • Entrepreneur)

Eugene Mbugua (Content creator, writer, producer and director)

Bernard Ndong’ (Sports/ media personality)

Nick Ndeda (Lawyer)

Brian Mbunde (Head Of Marketing East Africa · Ziiki Media)

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