Value Champion Journey Asia Pacific Last Chance Qualifiers The fifth day of the competition is approaching the finish line, and the next group 3 and the previous group finals are over.

Valorant Last Chance Qualifiers aims to provide teams in regions of interest with the last chance to participate in the annual international championship Valorant Champions. However, through the last-chance qualifiers, only one team from each region was selected for this opportunity.

📢 Incredible all-day competitions!View results on day 5 #VALORANTLCQ Asia-Pacific! The last two games of the finals will start tomorrow! do not miss it! VOD is available at the link below!

This article will provide fans with all the information they need to know Value Champion Journey APAC Last Chance Qualifier current team standings and group results.

Valorant Champions Tour: APAC LCQ: Day 5 results and brackets

Valorant APAC Last Chance Qualifier has two main brackets: upper bracket and lower bracket. After successfully completing the previous group on the fifth day of the competition, the following are the results of each group in the competition so far.

Top 10

BOOM eSports vs FENNEL: BOOM E-sports won (2-0).

Global eSports vs DAMWON Gaming: Global Sports Win (2-1).

First semifinals

NUTURN Gaming vs BOOM Esports: NUTURN GAMING wins (2-0).

Completely rational and rejected: FULL SENSE won (2-1).

Paper Rex vs Global Sports: Paper Rex won (2-0).

F4Q vs Northeption: Northeption wins (0-2).

First semifinals

NUTURN game and FULL SENSE: FULL SENSE won (1-2).

Paper Rex vs Northeption: Northeption wins (2-0).

First semifinals

FULL SENSE VS Northeption: Northeption wins (2-1).

Lower bracket 1

REJECT vs DAMWON Gaming: DAMWON Gaming wins (0-2).

F4Q vs fennel: F4Q won (2-1).

Lower bracket 2

BOOM Esports vs DAMWON Gaming: DAMWON Gaming wins (2-0).

Global Sports vs F4Q: F4Q won (2-1).

Lower bracket 3

Paper Rex vs DAMWON Gaming: Tawang Games (2-1).

F4Q and NUTURN games: Nut game (2-1).

Lower bracket 4

DAMWON Gaming and NUTURN Gaming: TBD October 16 @14:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

Second semifinals

FULL SENSE vs (DAMWON Gaming/NUTURN Gaming): TBD October 16 @17:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

Second semifinals

Northeption vs (the winning team of Lower Bracket Finals): TBD October 17 @14:30 IST (+5:30 GMT)

APAC LCQ eliminated a total of six, among which F4Q and Paper Rex were recently added.

.@officialF4QRan in #VCT It’s over! We are honored to host your explosive game style and wild performance skills throughout the year. We hope to see you again soon! 🥰

Before the two teams enter the finals of the last chance qualifiers, fans will see another two knockout matches in the low group and compete to win a place. Appraisal champion.

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