American Dinning room The Hooters chain has recently come under fire for launching controversial clothing for its female employees. Several servers turned to TikTok to express their dissatisfaction with the new thin uniforms.

This restaurant brand is known for its infamous clothing, which is designed for waitresses and bartenders known as “Hooter Girls”. The company’s usual uniforms include a fitted white vest, orange shorts, sneakers and socks.

2 Facts about Hooters Restaurant
• Their new mandatory uniforms are even thinner.
• In some states, the starting salary is $2.13 per hour.

However, the latest uniform policy introduced a shorter version of clothing, requiring all female employees in different locations to wear new clothes.This led many workers to share a glimpse of their uniforms Tik Tok Try to call on the company to formulate a new clothing policy.

This situation has also triggered a huge debate on the Internet, with many criticizing Hooters’ actions, while others mocking employees’ complaints.

Owl faces backlash for its new controversial costume

Hooters employees called on the company to formulate a new uniform policy (picture from Getty Images)
Hooters employees called on the company to formulate a new uniform policy (picture from Getty Images)

according to New York Post, Hooters requested that all female employees be provided with new controversial clothing from October 4th. The company’s official policy mentions:

“From October 4th, all Hooters girls should wear new shorts when they work in the store. Old shorts should not be worn.”

According to the exit, Hooters also stated that employees are disappointed by the new changes uniform Policy can freely resign from post:

“We will ask you to try it. If you are still hesitant to wear new shorts after two weeks, you may move to a non-image-based position or resign your position as an owl girl. If you choose to resign, you Will be eligible for re-employment.”

The latest changes prompted several waiters in the restaurant to share videos on social media, highlighting their dissatisfaction with the new uniforms.Video gone Viral Once it was released, it immediately received millions of page views on the Internet.

TikTok user Giselle Nguyen, an employee of the company’s Texas branch, made a video comparing her old and new clothing, and wrote:

“I know this is not my new uniform shorts. What should it fit?!?”

The video has been viewed more than 16 million times and liked more than 3 million times. In another viral video, the waitress Kristen Songer complained that the dress was too short compared to the original policy. She commented:

“These shorts don’t cover anything anymore. That’s why all Hooters girls are frustrated-because they weren’t what I agreed to wear when I was hired a year ago.”

A TikTok user commented:

“Shorts are a powerful word. Those are not shorts, those [are] Swimsuit pants. “

Another added:

“When you are hired, you agree to a certain type of uniform. This is a drastic and possibly unsanitary change, and you should be able to refuse.”

Some social media users also accepted Twitter Express their disappointment with the new uniform policy:

Gosh, the new owl uniforms look terrible and super uncomfortable. If I can call them shorts now, all the tiktoks I see are from the girls who work there, just to make fun of them

I was not shocked when I learned that Hooters made their new uniforms lighter and thinner…
However, I was shocked when I learned that Hooters will still have regular restaurants open by 2021…
🦉🦉 #owl

I saw a lot of m*n saying that women working at shooters shouldn’t complain about their new uniform because “they know what they’re registering” and it provides the same energy and disgusting as “what she wears”

TikTok makes me a strong supporter of any future hooters union. Girls can buy back comfortable uniform shorts, higher wages and free tights.

Men said that Hooter’s women can quit their jobs directly if they don’t like the new uniform, while men are outraged at the “authorization” of the vaccine, even if they can simply quit the job that needs it. The Venn diagram is a circle.

I know this is not a hot topic, but I think the appeal of Hooters uniforms is always a comfortable, classic look, and the new “shorts” completely ruins this and makes many Hooters girls feel uncomfortable because they have nothing. It’s so bad to deal with questioningly, why? ? ? ?

With the change in owl uniforms, I no longer feel comfortable taking my mother for her birthday this year.

Has anyone else seen the new owl shorts in server uniforms? Absolutely despicable.

But many people refuted Strongly opposed And dismissed the employee’s complaint:

You all choose to work at Hooters.. If you don’t want to wear a uniform, then resign.I mean no one is taking you hostage

I just read that someone complains about the new #owl Uniform said that it is no longer a family-friendly place and she will no longer take her son there. Family friendly? Obviously, we have never been to the same place. Who really brought their children? This is not a place for children.

How long have owls been around, and now you all want to complain about uniforms?

After massive online outrage, a spokesperson for Hooters America told Fox Business The company appreciates both positive and negative feedback and will work hard to ensure that the uniform provides comfort while maintaining a modern style:

“The new uniforms are the result of a collaboration with Hooters Girls. These uniforms have been worn in several markets in Texas for several months and have received overwhelming praise from Hooters Girls and customers… We will continue to work with our employees Work together to ensure that the new uniform is the correct size and comfortable, while reflecting the current style.”

At the same time, the original Owl Group told NBC News The outlets of the original brand will continue to use the old clothing worn by employees since its establishment in the 1980s:

“The’Original’ Hooters restaurants in Tampa Bay, Chicago and Manhattan…will not change their iconic orange shorts and white uniform tops, which makes the brand famous all over the world.”

However, it remains to be seen whether the American company will consider employee complaints and cancel the new clothing policy in the next few days.


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