Approximately 150 students between the ages of 13 and 15 are participating in river cleanup activities, and 21 of them slide into the water.

During a river cleanup activity in West Java, Indonesia, 11 students drowned and 10 others were rescued.

Local officials said on Saturday that 150 students between the ages of 13 and 15 were taking part in the cleanup of the banks of the Cileeuur River, and 21 of them slipped into the water.

“The weather is good and no flash floods occurred,” said Deden Ridwansyah, head of the Bandung Search and Rescue Office. “The drowning children held each other’s hands. One slipped and the others followed.”

Residents and rescue teams managed to rescue 10 students and they were taken to a nearby hospital.

All victims were found, and the search ended on Friday night.

On Friday, relatives of students who drowned while participating in a Boy Scout trek along the Cileuleur River left the morgue of Chamis Regional Hospital [Darra /AFP]

The students were obviously not wearing flotation devices.

Some reports stated that when they fell into the river, they were trying to cross the river, which is popular among rafting and inner tubes.

Rescuers used a large orange inflatable raft to find the victims.

Rains have caused frequent landslides and flash floods in Indonesia, where millions of people live near mountains or floodplains.

During the rainy season starting in late November, children and young people are prohibited from hiking on the river.

In February last year, 10 boy scouts died after being washed away by flash floods, and nearly two others were injured.


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