Hyderabad, May 12, 2019 Chennai Super Kings In the IPL finals, their chase was a mess, when Shadu Thakur Stride out to hit the ball. A moment ago, Shane Watson, who hit the ball with a bloody knee, ran out at the end of the batter, which meant that Shardul was thrown into the center of the storm.

Before that game, the fast bowler had only ran 12 times throughout the season, and when CSK and Royal Challenger BangaloreTherefore, it is fair to say that Huang Jun wants Shadur to come to power instead of expecting him to do so.

Lasith Malinga-The typical death bowler, arguably the greatest pitcher in the history of the sport, sliding in and throwing length deliveries on the stump of the leg. Shardul took his position and slid to the deep leg for several runs.

Earlier, the equation of 2 balls and 4 was read. Now it is 2 balls and 1 ball. Shardul is on strike, and even running alone can at least guarantee a super victory for CSK.Countless minutes of discussion followed Bombay Indians Players. Shardul also looked around, seeming to be evaluating his options.

However, this time, the old fox has a different trump card in his sleeve. In the 16th game, when Malinga was pushed into 20 games, he mainly chose bowling-most of which bowled at his normal speed. However, when the decisive moment came, the Sri Lankan launched a slower pass on a length-Shardul was fired by LBW during the entire game.

Soon, Shardul became the pantomime villain for the entire episode. All CSK needs is for Shardul to find a way to hit the ball. But he failed.

Also, Malinga? Of course, he became a hero marching on the ground, especially Shardul, leaving behind what could have been done. You know, that might be Shardul’s coronation moment. but it is not the truth.

Fast forward two years, and the pacemaker finds itself in the abyss again-this time with the ball. The first game of the Kolkata Cavaliers was outstanding in the opening four games, making CSK’s 192 games in the first game look less daunting.

Schumann Gil Some brush strokes have been produced over the years, and Venkatesh El has always been, well, Venkatesh El. When Shardul was asked to play the fifth game, he not only had to control the running, but also had to provide CSK with an important breakthrough-the breakthrough he often provided during the 2021 IPL UAE.

However, on Friday, Shardul was torn apart in his first game. The first four balls are good, but the last two balls are reminiscent of the inconsistencies in his early career. Both deliveries were launched from the leg side. Although Iyer once was accidental, it still allowed KKR to continue to generate momentum.

Shardul Thakur ran 11 times in the first race of the final (Image source: IPL)
Shardul Thakur ran 11 times in the first race of the final (Image source: IPL)

Shardul Thakur won three wickets in the IPL finals

Then, as it has almost always happened recently with Shardul, the game started-in the blink of an eye, in the space of four balls (3 legal balls and one wide ball). The 11th game provided by the pacemaker was not threatening, on the surface. However, it is sufficient to tilt the balance firmly towards CSK.

The fourth ball he threw was just off Venkatesh Hit the arc, which meant he cut the screen up to a deep point, where Ravindra Jadeja swallowed a difficult opportunity. Two goals later, when Nitish Rana passed the ball tamely to Faf du Plessis in the midfield, he felt the speed (or lack of speed) disappointment.

In the next Shardul bowling game, he considered Rahul Tripathi’s hamstring injury, which meant that he broke the back of the KKR chase in two brilliant pitches. . He also made sure that CSK, who had been scratching his head in the first half of the bowling game, set his sights on lifting the trophy.

Lord Shardul of death, taxation, and double inspection. The three certainties of life. #CSKvKKR #IPL2021Finals

Over the years, there have not been too many things that made people notice Shardul.His bowling speed is in the range of 135-140 km/h and is not like Bhuvneshwar Kumar or Deepak Chahar. He is not as good as Seam Jasprit Bumla And Muhammad Shami.

However, in the past few months, he has proven that he has the ability to divination one step ahead of the batter. Or, to put it more simply, it is possible to devise a way to pick up the wicket, even if it seems to be the most impossible.

In IPL 2021, CSK has been relying heavily on fast bowlers to break the Open, which is what India hopes to continue in the T20 World Cup.

In fact, there is nothing particularly noticeable about Shardul, except that he has been looking for ways to fire the batter. Not just any batsman, he also developed a technique to return the opposition’s best batsman back to the cabin by being a mystery and always in the game.

Again, this does not seem to be a virtue that Shardul seemed to possess not long ago.Maybe this may be something he has developed in the past few years, especially when he is more exposed to Intense pulsed light And international cricket.

However, the end result is that he has become a true partner spoiler, and does not seem to rely on conditions, because he does not seem to be very good at a particular bowling element.

On the other hand, he is not shabby in any bowling department, which means that even if there is no rhyme or reason for the batter to be fired, the pacemaker will force an explanation.

As far as his temperament is concerned, he made up for it on the stage where Hyderabad’s character was questioned a few months ago, which is very enlightening.

Shardul definitely defeated the specter of the 2019 IPL finals, and to a certain extent, he is even ready for even greater things.

Generally, considering the toxic environment that social media may contain, cricketers are a little bit dislike following social media. Instead, Shardul fully accepted the title of “Lord Shardul Thakur” awarded to him. So much so that he seemed to have found a solution to every dilemma he faced.

Well, this is the meaning of cricket-looking for light at the end of the darkest and dullest tunnel. And, as he recently described, Shardul stumbled upon a formula for getting the job done. Nothing to ask. There is no explanation for the answer.

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