The 24-year-old Rashford has not participated in the competition since England suffered a shoulder injury after losing to Italy in the Euro 2020 final in July.

Manchester United coach Solskjaer said that Manchester United and England striker Marcus Rashford must “prioritize his football” to meet the challenges of playing for his club and country.

Rashford underwent shoulder surgery in August and has not played since England lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 final in July, but he may face Leicester City’s Premier League on Saturday The league debuted this season.

“He is in the lineup, whether he wants to start or not, I can’t tell you… He worked very hard throughout the suspension. This week was very smart, last week there were 60 minutes of closed-door games, so he was very Want to leave,” Solskjaer said Friday.

Solskjaer added that after Rashford has won widespread praise for his anti-poverty campaign, it is time to focus on football.

“Marcus did extraordinary things when he was young, and now he is at his best age as a football player,” said the Manchester United coach.

“He is learning. He has more and more experience. He also has time to reflect on what he has done off the court, because he has done some amazing things. Now maybe he will prioritize his football and focus on football.”

Rashford initiated a free school feeding event and was commended by Queen Elizabeth for his charity. He also received an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester.

Rashford scored 21 goals and 15 assists in all Manchester United games last season. Solskjaer said the club will give him time to regain his state of the season.

Solskjaer said: “He knows we have a lot of demands from him, but we will give him time to get him back to the past and the present.”

‘Only one game can be played at a time’

Manchester United is about to usher in a series of difficult matches. Leicester’s games are followed by league matches against Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City, as well as home and away games against Atlanta in the Champions League.

“I can’t think of Atlanta or Liverpool. Only Leicester. The point is that we only consider one game at a time. We are looking forward to this game. Every outstanding player wants to play against the best team. We already have some of the best A good team showed up,” he said.

“We have added some exciting players in the future. We have scored and now is a good time for us to become an offensive player. We need to keep going… [and] Together, make sure that it is difficult for us to contend with. “

Manchester United ranks fourth in the league with 14 points in 7 games, but has not won in the last two games.


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