Kevin Durant, this Brooklyn Nets‘The franchise player, obviously heard the outside world about Kyrie Irving’s situation. In retrospect, Irving has made headlines for weeks because of his refusal to be vaccinated.This move has always been a major topic for basketball analysts and commentators, such as Stephen A. Smith And Kendrick Perkins.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving As we all know, they are close friends, and KD publicly supports his friends throughout the episode. KD expressed his dissatisfaction with all the speculation surrounding the All-Star point guard and the Brooklyn Nets on Twitter.

This is his brief view of all these conversations:

At the beginning of the season, I saw trash circles everywhere

Recalling, Stephen A. Smith criticized Kyrie Irving for being selfish and called for a deal with him. ESPN analysts even referred to Irving’s reasoning as one of the stupidest things he has encountered in years covering basketball.

Kevin Durant used this powerful retort to express his support for close friends.

At the same time, the Brooklyn Nets have made specific decisions to resolve Kyrie Irving’s situation, which was reportedly approved by Durant. General Manager Sean Marks has announced that unless Irving participates fully in all team activities, he will not participate in the game this season.

A recent report also showed that the Brooklyn Nets have cancelled the offer to renew Kyrie Irving because of uncertainty about his status. The Brooklyn Nets now refuse to be taken hostage for Kyrie Irving’s unstable stance on vaccination issues.

Through all this, Kevin Durant has been on the side of his friends and still hopes that they can still join forces with the Brooklyn Nets.

Will Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving play for the Brooklyn Nets again?

Kevin Durant still hopes to see Kyrie Irving appear in the lineup at some point in the Brooklyn Nets
Kevin Durant still hopes to see Kyrie Irving appear in the lineup at some point in the Brooklyn Nets

This problem may be the biggest problem of the entire NBA this season. Since the Brooklyn Nets will not accept Kyrie Irving as a part-time player, he will not have a minute of playing time this season.

Irving’s contract allows him to become a restricted free agent in the 2022-23 season. If Irving chooses to withdraw from the contract and become a free agent, the scene of Kevin Durant and Irving playing for the Brooklyn Nets again may never happen. Unless New York City revises its health and safety agreements, the Irving-Durant tandem may become a thing of the past.

If this is the case, it will be a quick and regrettable ending, possibly as a dynasty of NBA champions. The Brooklyn Nets, featuring Irving, hardening With Durant, if they are together and stay healthy, they will become favorites to win.

.@Chris_Broussard In response to Kyrie’s IG Live: “Kyrie Irving fits perfectly with Kevin Durant and James Harden…”

The big roster of KD, Harden and Nets can still win the NBA championship, but without the rich talents and skills of this fickle point guard, their chances will be greatly reduced.

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