Former Manchester United full-back Gary Neville Believe in Egyptian superstars Mohamed Salah Won’t spend his entire career Liverpool Instead, he will join one of the elite clubs in Europe in the future.

The 46-year-old turned into an expert, comparing Mohamed Salah to David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, who completed a project before heading to a larger club.

Talk to Sky Sports’ The Overlap YouTube channel (via Mirror), Neville said:

“I don’t think he will stay in Liverpool for the rest of his career. This is my personal opinion. This has always been the opinion, but I may be wrong. I just think you look like Cristiano Ronaldo For people like David Beckham, Kylian Mbappé, it’s not just a question of money. There is a project where they have to achieve some goals in life.”

Gary Neville believes that players like Mohamed Salah need to have large clubs like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain on his resume. Neville added:

“They have to play in certain clubs, they have to go through certain things. I think Salah has to go through Real Madrid, Bernabéu-by the way, Real Madrid will be back.

“I know the current situation in Barcelona and Madrid is not good, but Salah is similar to the people I just mentioned and I think he has to write this on his resume at the end of his career.

“I think his performance in Liverpool is incredible. I always think he wants a Paris [Saint-Germain], Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​I think he will go get it. But I may be wrong. “

Gary Neville said to Mo Salah: “I don’t think he will stay in Liverpool for the rest of his career. This is my personal view. It has always been this view, but I may be wrong. If He leaves and the Premier League will be weaker.” #awlive [sky]

Mohamed Salah’s contract with Liverpool expires in 2023

Despite being one of the most important players in Liverpool’s recent history, Mohamed Salah faces an uncertain future in Merseyside due to contract conditions.

The 29-year-old Egyptian has one and a half years left on his contract with Liverpool. The Red Army is keen to offer a new contract for their amulet.However, Salah It is said that The demand for a substantial salary increase is why the contract negotiations are at a deadlock.

Despite speculation surrounding his contract, Mohamed Salah continued to play the highest level for Liverpool. The 29-year-old winger has played 9 games for the Reds in all competitions so far this season, scoring 9 goals and providing 3 assists.

The arrival of Mohamed Salah in 2017 completely inspired Liverpool. The Egyptian winger played a vital role in leading the Red Army to the UEFA Champions League and Premier League titles in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

@FabrizioRomano About Mo Salah: “He is still negotiating, as far as I know, he loves Liverpool, he loves the fans and the city. He is really happy in Liverpool, but the new contract has not been reached yet.”

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