Elizabeth Hurley is not ashamed to show off her skin-even if she has gained a little weight over the years.

There is nothing to hide here! Elizabeth Hurley Don’t let age or weight gain hinder what she does best: Posing in a bikini! On Friday, October 15th, the (unbelievable) 56-year-old admitted to the Daily Mail that although she may not have a 20-year-old own body, this will not prevent her from following the current way To love your body.

“I’m at least 10 pounds heavier than I was 20 years ago, but I don’t care,” Royals Star tells UK export“I might eat more now, but I don’t eat takeaways and only drink soda once. Life is too short to be on a strict diet.” Amen that Liz!

this Long-term actor Has paid long enough membership fees in Hollywood to buy a little leeway from critics.Over the years, Liz has played important roles on many screens in Hollywood, such as Dazzled And the break in 1997 Austin Powers: International Mysterious ManOver the years, many roles of Estee Lauder models have correctly demonstrated her toned physique and played a person’s best mother. Elizabeth even has her own series of swimsuits called “Elizabeth Hurley Beach”, so it is natural that this five-foot-eight-inch beauty has always liked to play in water suits!

But this is not all the skins and games of the ex-girlfriend Hugh GrantOn October 1, the model actress began to participate in the today show, writing an article about the death of her grandmother from breast cancer in 1992.Since then Liz keeps talking Regarding her support for an as yet uncured disease, the disease kills at least 11,500 people in the UK every year.

Nevertheless, as Liz has clearly pointed out: Life is short. Although she is young and energetic enough to enjoy it, she will also show off. The blockbuster actress told the media: “I may not want to be a swimsuit model for a while, and I don’t want to wear a long gown, but for now, I still enjoy it.”


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