Ben Affleck is back! In a newly released photo, the Oscar-winning actor shows off his muscles while filming his latest movie “Hypnosis.”

Booked and busy! Ben AffleckThe 49-year-old looked incredible when he was shooting his latest action thriller. Hypnosis October 15th. There is no release date for the film, and it has recently begun shooting in Austin, Texas.

In the shot you can see below, you can’t help but notice Ben’s muscles. The Oscar-winning actor was photographed wearing a light gray sweater with blue jeans and low-key black shoes. He just kept it casual, but he looked great.

Ben Affleck has been submitting back-to-back movies. When filming his latest movie “Hypnosis,” the actor looked as muscular as ever. (CPR/D.Sanchez / BACKGRID)

Although Argo The director has been working hard to make back-to-back movies. He doesn’t let his hard work schedule prevent him from spending time with his girlfriend. Jennifer Lopez, 52. Since the reunion, they have been inseparable, and the fans will definitely live for Bennifer 2.0.

Their chemistry is undeniable, just as surprising as their engagement 17 years ago. They even spent a happy big family together, including their children. On September 18th, the couple was spotted at the Cinespia Outdoor Movie Night in Los Angeles. Their four children were dragged away: Jen’s twins Maximum with we do not, 13, She shared with Mark Anthony.Ben’s daughters Purple, 15, and Serafina, 12The person he shared with actress Jennifer Garner (Jennifer Garner) also attended. Jennifer looked very fascinated when she was snuggling next to Ben.

This is not the first time this couple have put their Full of affectionOn September 26, the two spent a much-needed time together. Only the two of them wandered in Central Park in New York City. The couple proved that they only paid attention to each other during the lively party, because they packed up on the PDA to go out.

Obviously, this first-class couple cannot be alone.Ben has been talking about recentlyExtra TV, He reignited the flames at the premiere of “The Tender Bar” on Sunday, October 3. “I’m very happy. This is a very happy time in my life. Life is beautiful,” said the actor. We can only imagine that he is alluding to re-establishing contact with J.Lo, because they have been inseparable since the second round of listing.


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