Singer Scout LaRue kept a word for her four-minute music video “Love without Possession”. look here.

Demi Moore with Bruce Willis’ Musician daughter Boy Scout LarueThe 30-year-old-literally-shines in her new music video “Love without Possession”. In the four-minute video you can watch above, Scout is completely undressed and only covered by the locks of her long black hair.

Before the video premiered, Scout shared with fans Instagram That song is Wrote a breakup. “I wrote this song in 2016 in deep heartbreak, hope, confusion, gentleness and growth. It allows me to accompany me like a gentle friend, telling the story of my real-time life, and only art can soften it. My pain is on the verge,” she said.

In the lyrics, Scout sang: “It’s hard to know that I am the person in your heart. But some girls may also get other parts that once belonged to me. I’m learning to love you from a distance, I mean across the bar. you’re so beautiful.”

As the video progresses, Scout carefully hides what needs to be hidden—while leaving almost no room for imagination. “I’m trying to accept love without possession. I try not to love you obsessively. I know you still love me, the way I still love you. What are we going to do? How will our love last?” Boy Scouts Sing. “I’m trying to accept love without possession. I try to love you without being fascinated.”

It seems that Scout’s Instagram fans are also digging for her new tune! “Oh my God!!! Absolutely great scout! You have fully grown into an affectionate woman with a strong, powerful and important voice! Congratulations on your wonderful creation,” a fan.​​​ Wrote in the comments.

Scout is not the first one in her family to get Naked in the name of art!As fans know, her 58-year-old mother Demi used to be Vanity Fair year 1991. In 2019, Demi also stripped naked in a pose very similar to Scout, for the cover of October Harper’s Bazaar.


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