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This is a question that can be asked at any time, but maybe more than most people this week: Netflix? After a few months Loss of cultural foundation Competitors like this HBO max with Disney+, This streaming media giant currently has two programs——Squid game And Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, Closer-Dominate the spirit of the times. It should be on top of the world. However, it cannot get rid of chaos.

Most of it started when the service started last week Closer. Like the previous Chappelle stand-up comedy special, it immediately topped the anchor list. Also like some of his previous special shows, it was not without response-this time, the comedian’s lengthy comments on transgender people. (We will not repeat it here, but it is enough to show that many people in the cross-community have found his comment Harmful and harmful.) After the show was broadcast, how many people were–Include Netflix employees-Condemn streaming services for choosing to offer special prices. In response, the company’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos sent a memo, Get through type, Said to the staff, “You should know that some talents may join a third party and ask us to delete the show in the next few days. We will not do this.”

This response is not entirely surprising-Netflix has supported controversial content and creators before-but what is interesting is Sarandos’s reasoning. “Chappelle is one of the most popular stand-up comedians today, and we have a long-term collaboration with him,” he wrote. “Like our other talents, we strive to support their creative freedom-although this means that there will always be some content on Netflix that people consider harmful.” He cited movies such as Crush And display like 13 reasons as an example.

Of course, popularity is all about the company.But sometimes it’s a special offer Closer Very popular, sometimes its show is like Squid game, Just this week, it reached 111 million viewers in 17 days, becoming Netflix’s “The biggest series ever released. ” one, Squid gameYes, it is bleak, but it is also fictitious—if any, its dystopian view is a counterintuitive escape. The other, Chappelle’s special, is about real people living real lives-it illustrates what happens in the pursuit of public happiness. These may be the best and worst results of Netflix seeking to retain as many viewers as possible.

Why a show likes Closer Can attract as much attention as possible like a show Squid game It’s simple: people sometimes like content that is harmful to others. Thousands, if not millions, will vote for anti-LGBTQ candidates, and the same number of people will watch content with similar views. (And enjoy it–Closer Currently 96% of the audience rating About Rotten Tomatoes It also received a 43% review score. ) So the problem is not just Chapelle telling jokes about transgender people, but those marginalized people (and their friends, family, and allies) are now watching so many people laugh at them-and want to know this kind of laughter Is the voice out of sympathy or malice. Sarandos said: “It is difficult to distinguish between comment and harm, especially stand-up comedies that exist to push boundaries.” But does a certain situation have to lead to violence to be harmful, or is it bad enough to lead to anti-cross speech chorus? In any case, the fact that these statements are so popular is still disturbing.


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