Nexo, Crypto asset lending and investment platform, By integrating its Earn API with the multi-asset payment platform Advcash, it has expanded its B2B revenue generation products. Now, more than 4 million Advcash users can easily obtain Nexo’s competitive income in cryptocurrency savings.

Advcash provides a payment platform with fast and flexible accounts for fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Individual investors and businesses can use these accounts to manage their assets in a single environment.

Nexo Earn API provides up to 8% APY, and 16 different assets are compounded directly in the user’s Advcash account through the intuitive interface of the user’s familiar wallet.

The latest collaboration between Nexo and Advcash follows the previous 10 implementations of the customizable Earn API for crypto lenders, including after it was added to the keyless crypto wallet ZenGo earlier this year.

“Through this mutually beneficial partnership, Nexo joined Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex and other companies, becoming one of Advcash’s partners, enriching Advcash products, increasing the assets managed by Nexo, and bringing in more people Its Earn Crypto Interest suite. Adding Earn API to Advcash’s account also brings user-friendly contacts with some of the best benefits in the industry for cryptocurrency natives and digital asset novices.
– Michael Bezrukov, Chief Product Officer, Advcash



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