How close is Tua to the word

How close is Tua to the word “B”?
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Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa entered some dangerous territory early in his second NFL season. As time goes by, Tagovailoa continues to maintain an average level of competition, and the word “bust” will be attached to the name of the former Alabama QB, just like the Velcro on a pair of sneakers. Once the player’s name is associated with that word, it is almost impossible to shake.

Injuries plague Tagovaloa Can be traced back to his time in Tuscaloosa. In November 2019, a major hip injury and subsequent surgery forced Tagovailoa’s career in Alabama to end early. Tua also suffered two high ankle sprains during college, both of which required surgery. Tagovailoa was injured when Tua’s thrower broke while playing for Crimson Tide.

Tagovailoa’s injuries did not stop during his time in Miami. As a professional player, he is rapidly consolidating his existing reputation as a vulnerable player. Tagovailoa is already on the Dolphins’ injury reserve roster, and his rib fractured during the team’s loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 2. This injury will keep him out for at least three weeks, and when the Dolphins play against the Jaguars in Jacksonville, he will be eligible for a comeback in Week 6. It seems to be the perfect game for him to slowly return. Even the following week in Miami against the Atlanta Falcons.

One thing is for sure, the injury problem we often hear is that Mr. Tagovailoa’s flesh has become fat. But even when he was on the court, his performance did not reach his draft position. You will remember that the Dolphins selected Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, one place ahead of Justin Herbert. By the way, while breaking the rookie pass record, Herbert also won the Rookie of the Year Award with the Los Angeles Chargers. No big deal there.

Now, although Tua’s injury is serious, we can’t completely blame the players for the bad luck. However, players can be held responsible for their public statements. For example, Tua became a starter for the Dolphins in the 8th week of last season. After starting 3-0, he made some notable comments on his transition from college to professional competition:

“I expected it to be harder,” Tagovailoa Tell Mike Florio Professional football talk“It’s not that it’s not difficult.”

Tagovailoa ended his rookie season with a 6-3 record, but these victories are not necessarily due to his performance. Tagovailoa passes 181.4 yards per game and has a QBR of 52.5 this season. Tagovailoa’s average pass yards per attempt is below average. 181.4 points are much lower than the 240.2 points of the league last year. I’m sure that the Dolphins did not select him for this type of work. In the first week of Miami’s victory over New England, Tagovailoa passed 202 yards, completed 16/27 passes, 1 TD and 1 INT. There is nothing special anyway, but the Dolphins have a very good team around Tagovailoa. The Patriots are reorganizing themselves. Therefore, despite Tua’s outstanding performance, the Dolphins won the game, not because of it.

But in this case, where is the responsibility? I think the head coach Brian Flores and the Dolphins have done a good job in forming this team in the past few years. But I have to blame the team. Even if the Dolphins start QB with a 6-3 record, if Tua is allowed to sit down and study for most of the 2020 season, he will be better served. The whole season will be great, especially when we consider the hip injury that Tagovailoa is recovering from.

However, I don’t think he will be the QB leading Miami where they want to go.If Dolphins and Tua were completely on board, they wouldn’t Trade Deshaun Watson, Or any other QB related to this. In the East of the AFC, it is time to seize that sector and put it in shackles. The Bills did it in 2020, and the Dolphins had hoped to make major strides towards this goal in 2021, but the recent Tagovailoa injury is another setback for the team’s plan.

In the best case, Tagovailoa seems destined to become an average to below-average NFL QB on his best day. I don’t think it matters how much talent the Dolphins can surround him. From his weak arm to all the injuries, I don’t think Tua is a perennial professional bowler, and certainly not an All-Pro. He is more likely to become a skilled QB than an NFL elite. When you were selected with the fifth overall pick in the draft, there was a word to describe it: “Bust”.


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