this Primordial shock As we all know, when the community wants to express disappointment in some of the updates that miHoYo chooses to bring to the game, they will overdo it.

There are some bad apples in the fan base that are a bit too poisonous for developers, and some even harass voice actors. Their only job is to make the characters in the game come alive.

Recently, Gui Niang, the Chinese voice actor of Yukimi Sannomiya, was harassed by “chat” in a live broadcast. Kokomi is called One of the worst 5-star releases So far, in Genshin Impact, the player group is not satisfied with her equipment.

To express their disappointment, some members of the community sneaked into her chat room during the live broadcast, just to make her responsible for Kokomi’s performance in Genshin Impact.

This caused Guiniang to restrict her live chat, because things became very out of control.

Genshin Impact’s Gui Niang restricted live voice chat due to harassment

The harassment of Yuanxin’s impact on voice actors is nothing new. Gui Niang’s incident is reminiscent of the problem of British voice actors. 2.1 During the live event.

During the celebration, British voice actors received a lot of hateful spam from certain community members, and they automatically began to assume that if a person dubbed a character in the game, then they must know everything about the title, or it must be part of the update Decision-making process.

This assumption is very wrong, and Zach Aguilar, the voice behind Genshin Impact’s Aether, even tweeted about this issue immediately after the 2.1 live event ended.

I am so sad. The voice actors did not understand all the content of the projects we participated in. We are ordinary people, and our job is to do our best.

People make all these assumptions about us and our work, especially about English VA. There are many that we cannot clarify. But mentally, it is running out.

As we all know, Genshin Impact has a younger player base. While it is understandable that a large portion of players will not understand the nuances behind making video game characters come to life, it is also wrong to hold voice actors responsible for things they are not responsible for.


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