Warren Gatland Praised the instinct for completion Josh Adams After the Welsh team accumulated four attempts in the game British and Irish lions‘Defeated the Sigma Lions 56-14 at the Emirates Park.

Adams completed all of his four touchdowns in the second half, as the Lions started their tour on South African soil and they will face the weakest opponent in eight attempts.

After canceling the Japanese defense a week ago, his total scoring in two starts increased to five times. The 26-year-old was in pole position and won one against the Springboks on July 24. Flanking position.

“Josh absolutely knows where the test line is, and you can’t ignore his achievements as a player,” Gatland said.

“He was the top scorer in the 2019 World Cup. When Worcester was at the bottom of the Premier League, he played for Worcester, but he is still the top scorer in the Premier League. It goes without saying.

“The timing of his first attempt to use the inside ball, he did it a few times during the World Cup. He has a good shot timing. Getting four attempts is very special for him.”

Scrum-half Ali Price and Gareth Davies, winger Louis Rees-Zammit and best player Hamish Watson also crossed, and Owen Farrell completed all eight conversions.

In the game against Japan last Saturday, after Alan Wayne Jones and Justin Tiprick lost their pain due to injuries, Gatland was able to stay healthy despite the physical encounter in Johannesburg.

This is an afternoon full of positive emotions, but Gatland will not be attracted by the defeat, because from past experience, he knows that more severe tests are waiting.

“My memories of 2009… I will not forget when we did not meet any South African test players in those warm-up matches,” said Gatland.

“We may be a little underperformed in 2009, so we will have to work very hard in training to make sure we have the required rhythm and physical fitness.

“There is no doubt that some games will become harder, hopefully so, but we know that there are a lot of players who are not outside their super team because they are in the Springboks camp.

Josh absolutely knows where the test line is, and you can’t ignore his achievements as a player.

Warren Gatland

“The positive thing about this game is that there is still a lot to do. The more time we spend together, the better we become as a team.

“We put down a little mark, but we know that as a team, unless we show a lot of improvements, we will not be 100% satisfied, but we feel that we can do it and make a lot of improvements.

“The competition is huge. We don’t really want to predict what the test end looks like. We try to make this happen and see how the players continue to perform and play, and how the combination works.

“Then we will start thinking about our options. We absolutely don’t want to put anyone in the eye. We are open to the way we play and how we continue to improve.”


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