Last month, Governor David Ignatius Removed all restrictions on inter-island travel, And stated that travelers who have been vaccinated outside the state can travel to Hawaii without pre-arrival testing Once the country’s vaccination rate reaches 60%.

Obviously, 57% is close enough.

In a landmark announcement, Ige recently Announce From July 8, vaccinated travelers will no longer need to be isolated or undergo pre-screening if they present a vaccination certificate.

Although the vaccination rate has not yet reached 60%—about 57% at the time of writing—Ige has decided to continue setting a firm date for the change so that companies can prepare for it.Hawaii travel is Has flourished, But Ige said he believes that once the rules are officially changed next week, these islands will welcome more tourists.

“We do know that there is a high demand for Hawaii,” Ignatius said. “We do believe that this will make it easier for vaccinated people to travel to Hawaii.”

Previously, only travelers who were vaccinated in Hawaii could bypass the quarantine or pre-screening, but now it will be open to all mainland travelers who have been vaccinated, no matter where they are vaccinated.

On July 8, indoor dining rules will also be relaxed. At that time, the restaurant will be allowed to operate at 75% capacity. However, masks are still required for indoor activities, including indoor dining.

For travelers planning to visit these islands in the coming months, this announcement is undoubtedly welcome.Travelers need to upload the vaccination certificate to Safe travel to Hawaii Visit the website before departure. Once officially switched on July 8, we should have more accurate details on how the system will work.


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