Scott Disick & Kimberly Stewart Have Lunch After His Night Out With Mystery Woman: Photos

Following a night out with a mystery brunette, Scott Disick reunited with his longtime friend, Kimberly Stewart, for a lunch date in Beverly...

‘PLL: Original Sin’ Reveals The Identity Of ‘A’ In A Shocking Finale Twist

'PLL: Original Sin' didn't waste any time revealing the identity of 'A' in its first season. The Liars learned the truth in a...

SynFutures plans to integrate with Router Protocol to improve multi-chain access

SynFutures, a decentralized derivatives exchange, announced today a new partnership with Router, a cross-chain protocol that enables fund transfer, asset swaps, and cross-chain...

Blocknative releases new tool to enable high-speed propagation of ETH transactions

Blocknative, a web3 infrastructure company, today launched the Transaction Distribution Network (TDN). This tool allows blockchain users to respond to pre-chain risks and...

Crypto exchange Kraken’s second reserves audit adds 5 new assets: USDT, USDC, XRP, ADA, and DOT

Kraken, the popular crypto exchange, has announced the results of its second 2022 Proof of Reserves audit, which has now been expanded beyond...

Crypto risk & intel platform Merkle Science extends its Series A to over $24M

Merkle Science, a predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform has announced an extension of more than $19 million to its Series A funding round,...


Europe’s Plan to Wean Itself off Russian Gas Just Might Work

Russia has made good on threats to reduce supply—leaving the EU to navigate several tough winters of energy squeezes.

Inside the software that will become the next battle front in US-China chip war

The days when computer chips were designed by hand are long gone. Where chips contained thousands of transistors in the 1970s, they have...

Tiny caps can measure activity in lab-grown minibrains

Minuscule lab-grown models of human brains can be fitted with caps that measure their activity, just as electroencephalogram (EEG) caps record electrical signals...

This De-Extinction Company Wants to Resurrect the Thylacine

For a company called Colossal, bringing back the wolf-sized marsupial is one step in a larger, mammoth plan.

The Download: electric planes, and trans men’s fertility

This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. This is...

New Evidence Points to the Moon Once Being Part of Earth

Gases trapped in lunar meteorites hint that the moon was formed out of material displaced from Earth after a planetary collision.

Is Oxygen the Answer to Long Covid?

Treatment options for lasting Covid symptoms are limited, but initial studies suggest hyperbaric oxygen could help.

This Man Set the Record for Wearing a Brain-Computer Interface

Implanted devices let people control computers and prosthetic limbs with their minds. But nobody knows how long they’ll last—and when they’ll need upgrades.


Holiday travel is shaping up to be an even bigger nightmare than usual in 2022

Airlines are cutting schedules as people try to get home for the holidays. Read More

Gen Zers are most happy in jobs where they can shape and mold the company’s culture, new survey finds

The top-rated jobs for satisfaction ranked for each generation. Read More

Why Japan is desperately trying to get young people to drink more alcohol 

Young people in Japan seem to be shunning alcohol—but the Japanese government is looking for ways to get people drinking again. Read More

CEO who cut his $1 million salary to ensure his 100-plus workers earned at least $70,000 has resigned to fight accusations

Dan Price, the embattled CEO of credit card processing company Gravity Payments, said his "presence has become a distraction". Read More

Sport News

Pittsburgh Pirates OF Bryan Reynolds dismisses Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley's criticism of team

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Bryan Reynolds isn't interested in hearing about Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley's thoughts on the team. Eckersley, 67, ripped the...

Watch: Mets top prospect Brett Baty smashes two-run homer in first major-league at-bat

Baty, inserted into the Mets' starting lineup Thursday night, smashed a two-run home run in his first major-league at-bat. 

Is Russell Wilson still an elite quarterback?

Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl champion and nine-time Pro Bowler, but is he still elite?


Maternal Mortality Risks: What You Can Do to Help

The maternal mortality rate for Black women in the U.S. is nearly three times higher than it is for white women. If you’re...

No Need to Rip It Off Like a Bandage With This Wound Cover

A new band-aid is being designed to stick twice as well to skin, but hurt half as much to pull off. Scientists are...

Blood-Sucking Leeches: Quack Medicine or Medical Miracle?

Leeching was once quackery of the worst sort. But the leech has been quietly making a comeback in the field of reconstructive microsurgery


A Veggie-Centric Paella Party Menu

A Veggie-Centric Paella Party MenuWritten by: Caitlin O’Malley | Published on:...

Stretch Your Summer Staples through Fall

Stretch Your Summer Staples through FallCreated with GanniWritten by: Giana León | Published on: August 16, 2022 ...

The Lo-Fi Secret to Super Shiny Hair

The Lo-Fi Secret to Super Shiny HairPublished on: August 16, 2022 Hair treatments...

How to Do the (Clean) Curly Girl Method

How to Do the (Clean) Curly Girl MethodWritten by: Megan O’Neill | Published on: August 16, 2022 Photo...


Expert Outlines Best Crypto Assets To Hodl During Crypto Winter

The crypto market has seen its most extensive greens after a long time of the bearish trend in the market. The event followed...

Crypto Jobs Remain Attractive Amid Bear Market

Within the past few years, cryptocurrency adoption and acceptance have dramatically increased. As a result, many developers and other participants joined the digital...

Brazillian Brokerage Firm Introduces Trading For Crypto Assets Amid Bear Market

With the gradual crypto market recovery, many players are regaining their confidence in the sector. As a result, more and more support for...

SynFutures plans to integrate with Router Protocol to improve multi-chain access

SynFutures, a decentralized derivatives exchange, announced today a new partnership with Router, a cross-chain protocol that enables fund transfer, asset swaps, and cross-chain...